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  • "As I've met many remarkable young people, who achieved their dreams by travelling to Kenya through volunteer organizations, to experience an exceptional work experience in amazing strong communities, I try to develop new affordable volunteering possibilities for anybody worldwide to follow this social attitude"

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"Welcome Volunteer" is a specialized organization for volunteer and internship opportunities in Kenya. Anybody who decides to do this kind of work for a period of time is most welcome in our projects. It doesn’t matter if one is still a student in school or university, a professionalist or already retired, there are no restrictions at all. We are totally flexible with dates, with the election of your project even with travelling, living and all the other issues which could occur. Our job is to organize a comfortable stay for you, a package which you will be satisfied with. This includes pre and on arrival coordination, organization of your personal traineeship, home stay, board and a lot more, so that you actually only have to APPLY on our homepage, book your flight, get a travel insurance and look after your vaccination. Even with that little more, what has to be organized by yourself, we will assist you continuously.


"Welcome Volunteer" was founded in June 2009 after a few years of researching in all the fields which are offered on this homepage. After a lot of discussions with German and Kenyan authorities we were finally given the right to be able to start with what we were planning for a long time. We received our first volunteers in June 2009, which was a fantastic success for us, the volunteers and people overseas. The director and founder of welcome volunteer was once a volunteer himself when he began to think about creating the first volunteer organization, based in Germany, which is specialized in Kenyan social, care, medical, cultural and conservation work. As he was working in all these fields by himself, he was able to build up a perfect organized team who all gained a lot of experience for years as well. This important basis makes it possible for us to put ourselves in the position of the volunteers. We try to think how a volunteer would think in advance, during his stay and maybe after. Common problems such as mistakes, disorganization, inflexibility, inhospitality and so on can be mostly avoided through our experience.


Now as a medical student in Germany, the founder Moritz Geisthövel coordinates this organization during his studies. Any vacation he gets, he takes the chance and looks after the projects locally. The countries infrastructure is changing constantly, so that there always has to be somebody to solve certain problems which could arise. As a nonprofit organization, the money which has to be paid by the volunteers will be mainly put in the maintenance of the different project. We guarantee to be one of the cheapest organizations found on the web. As the administrators are students themselves, we know about the financial situation of parts of our participants and want to offer therefore best value for little costs. In comparison to most other major, commercialized organizations, we are a approved but a smaller and not widely known "Insider-Organization".

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